Amigurumi Fox

Amigurumi Cute Fox Free Crochet Pattern

We continue to bring together the most beautiful amigurumi patterns related to Amigurumi. In this article you are waiting for a of amigurumi cute fox pattern.


•Mr: Magic ring,

• sc: single crochet,

•İnc: increase,

•DEC  decrease,

• x: repeat.

•BLO: Back Loop only,

•FLO: Front Loop only,

•DC: Double crochet.


half-cotton 140m / 50 gr. Height 22 cm


Orange yarn


2 p. (sc inc) x 3 = 9

3-4r. 9sc

5 p. (scdec) x 3 = 6 fill your palm, change the yarn

on cream

6 p. 6inc FOR REAR half loops = 12

7 p. 12 inc = 24

8 p. 24 sc

9 p. (4sc dec) x 4 = 20

10 p. (2sc dec) x5 = 15

11 RUR (sc dec) 5 = 10

12-20r. 10sc

To fill a hand is not very tight

Fold the part in half and join the two sheets together

four columns.

In the fifth row, we attach a cream to the front semi-loops

yarn and knit

2 ch and sl-st in each half-loop = 6


Brown yarn


2 p. 8inc = 16

3 p. sc inc 4sc 4inc 4sc inc sc = 22

4 p. 22sc REAR half loops

5-6r. 22sc

7 p. 7sc 4dec 7sc = 18

8 p. 5sc 4dec 5sc = 14 Change the yarn to a cream color, do not cut brown

9 p. (sc dec) x 4 2sc REAR half loops = 10 Change the yarn to orange, do not cut the cream

10 p. 10sc FOR REAR half loops

11-30r 10sc

31p finish knitting in the back of the leg Fold the part in half and connect the two canvases with four columns.

Now, in the ninth row, we knit 2 ch sl-st cream yarn in each column for the front half-loops, and in the eighth row, brown yarn, for the front half-loops, we knit 14 sc. We fix and hide the threads.


Cream yarn


2 p. 8inc = 16

3 p. (sc inc) x 8 = 24

4 p. (2sc inc) x 8 = 32

5 p. (3sc inc) x 8 = 40

6-8r. 40sc

9 p. (6sc dec) x 5 = 35

10-13. 35sc

14 p. (5sc dec) x 5 = 30

15-17r. 30sc

18 p. (3sc dec) x 6 = 24

19 p. 24sc

20 RUR Now we expand the work and knit 24 hdc for the front half loops. Turn the work.

21 RUR 3 ch sl-st in each loop of the row. = 24 Fasten and hide the thread

Sew legs to the body in the 7th row (photo 8)

Sew hands to the body (under the collar) (photo 9)


Dark brown yarn in swirling rows.

Tip: do not knit the dress too tight so that it can be

easy to put on the body.

1r. Dark brown yarn: we collect 36 air loops, and from the second loop we knit (6sc inc) x 5 = 40

2-4r. 40 sc

5 p. 3 ch (7 dc inc) x 5 FOR THE FRONT half-loops = 45 Then we close the knitting and knit in a circle with the loops of rhodium

6-7r. 45 dc

8 p. (14 dc inc) x 3 = 48

9-10r. 48 dc

11 RUR 48 hdc


In the center of the canvas – from 7sc and four rows


Dial 20 ch attach to the right edge of the bib,

knit 7sc on the bib and knit 24 ch starting

fourth loop, knit 3ch and sl-st into each loop of the chain

then on the side of the bib, to the base of the dress and then tie

remaining base loops, (see fig.)

Now attach the thread to the other edge of the base,

knit 14sc and then repeat the same steps as with

the other side. Along the edge of the bib and along the chain, 3 ch and sl-st each

in every loop. Leave the thread for sewing.


light brown yarn

Turn the dress inside out and attach the thread to the semi-loops

fourth row, knit in a circle with lifting loops

1-6r. 40 dc

7 p. 3 ch and sl-st in each column


1r. 5 SC İNTO MAGİC RİNG cream yarn

2 p. 3 ch and sl-st in each loop, brown yarn, leave

sewing thread


White is highlighted in blue.


2 p. inc sc 2 inc sc inc sc = 11

3 p. 3sc inc 2sc inc 4sc = 13

4 p. inc sc inc 6sc (inc sc) x 2 = 17

5 p. 2sc inc 2sc 6sc 2sc inc 3sc = 19

Leave a thread for sewing on the head

Dark brown thread embroider nose



2 p. 8inc = 16

3 p. (sc inc) x 8 = 24

4 p. (2sc inc) x 8 = 32

5 p. (3sc inc) x 8 = 40

6 p. 2sc inc (4sc inc) x 7 2sc = 48

7-10r. 48sc

11 RUR (7sc inc) x 6 = 54

12 p. 54sc

13 RUR 12sc inc 26sc inc 14sc = 56

14 p. 12sc 2inc 26sc 2inc 14 sc = 60

15.13sc 2inc 4sc 6sc 8sc 6sc 4sc 2inc 15sc = 64

16 p. 14sc inc 5sc 8sc 6sc 8sc 5sc inc 16sc = 66

17 RUR 14sc dec 4sc 24sc 4sc dec 16sc = 64

18 p. 13sc 3dec 24sc 3dec 15sc = 58

19 p. 12sc 2dec 24sc 2dec 14sc = 54

20 RUR dec 7sc dec 3sc 4sc dec (7sc dec) x 2 7sc dec 7sc = 48

21 RUR 3sc dec 6sc dec (6sc dec) x 2 4sc 2sc dec 6sc dec 3sc = 42

22 p. 5sc dec 4sc sc dec (5sc dec) x 2, sc 4sc dec 5sc dec = 36

23 RUR sc dec 4sc dec sc 3sc dec 4sc dec 4sc dec 4sc dec 3sc = 30

24 RUR 2sc dec 3sc dec (3scdec) x 2 2sc sc dec 3sc dec sc = 24

25 RUR 7sc 10sc 7sc = 24

Finish knitting and leave thread for sewing

Between 15 and 16 rows on a white field

eyes. Eye Spacing – 10sc

 Eyes can also be embroidered


Dark brown yarn


2 p. (sc inc) x 3 = 9

3 p. (2sc inc) x 3 = 12

4 p. 5sc 2inc 5sc = 14

5 p. 3sc inc sc 4sc sc inc 3sc = 16

6 p. 4sc inc sc inc 2sc inc sc inc 4sc = 20

7 p. 7sc 6sc 7sc = 20

Further for each ear a separate continuation

Right ear

8 p. 6sc sl-st ch rep work

9 p. sl-st 4sc

Left ear

8 p. sl-st ch. pov. work sl-st 5sc sl-st

9 p. ch. pov. work sl-st 4sc sl-st


White yarn


2 p. (inc sc) x 2, inc = 8

3 p. (sc inc) x 4 = 12

4 p. (5sc inc) x 2 = 14

5 p. 14sc Change the yarn to orange

6-9r. 14sc

10 p. (dec 5sc) x 2 = 12

11-12r. 12sc

13 RUR (dec 4sc) x 2 = 10

14 p. 10sc

15 p. 8sc dec = 9

16 p. 16sc

17 RUR 7sc dec = 8

18 p. 6sc dec = 7

19 p. 7sc

 Finish knitting and sew tail to body


Brown yarn

1r. Chain of 8 ch Starting from second loop 7sc

pov. slave

2-4r. 7sc bandage the part in the center of the canvas (see. Fig.)

Sew on the ears as shown.

Sew the muzzle to the head between the 15th and 16th rows observing

color matching.

Sew a bow on your head.

Embroider eyelashes and eyebrows with dark brown yarn (photo 29a – b)

Sew tail to body between 5 and 6 rows

Put the dress on the body, sew the ends of the belts to the dress (photo 31a), then

sew both sides of the dress to close it (photo 31b)

Firmly fill the head, apply pink shadows on the cheeks and sew to

to the body.

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